My photography definitely started because of my parents, roll on the Oscar awards speech, by buying my first camera for a trip to the USA. But this was when I was only 15 and as life goes, being a teenager, new interests were formed and others abandoned. I never forgot the photographs I took on that trip and the excitement I felt, I'd had some of them printed and displayed them in my room.
Let's fast forward to the end of my school career and bring on my next adventure. Training to become a professional field guide in South Africa. Now qualified and working, my parents did it again, they bought me a new camera. That little spark I felt in the USA suddenly exploded with new possibilities about photography.
One of the main reasons for becoming a field guide was so I could educate people about the critical state of our natural environment and the dangers it faces. That's all well and good for the people who come to the game reserve. However we are talking about a tiny fraction of a tiny percentage of the world's population.
But wait, I now have a camera. A rekindled interest, which I now regard as a passion, and the perfect job. I can create awareness through my photos, which will be received by countless more people then I could ever hope to have on my game drives. Through this larger medium, I can educate more who will in turn educate others and together we can help save the natural environment.
It's now ten years on, new chapters of my life have opened and my photography has progressed pixel by pixel. My beautiful wife has pushed and pushed for me to get this website off the ground and showcase my work. So here we are, the end result:
MKH Jones Photography
I cannot wait to show you more, as we move forward together.
Michael K H Jones

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